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Fallout 3: How many followers can you have?

Fallout 3: How many followers can you have?

A lot of people are wondering how many followers can you have in fallout 3. The maximum number of followers you can have at any time is 1.

The exception to that is Dogmeat, since he doesn't count as a follower. To find Dogmeat, you need to go to the scrapyard.

So in reality, the maximum number of followers you can have in Fallout 3 is two: Dogmeat and another character follower.


fallout 3boi said...

actully u can have 2 followers u just have to kill dogmeat beacause he always counts as a follower even when u havent found him don,t belive me check on youtube

Duoae said...

Yeah, with the guy from Little Lamplight that you can choose to escort to Big Town i had two following me around for a long while - though i hadn't found Dogmeat by this point (in reference to fallout3boi) so i can't say whether he's an exception in all cases.

peter said...

when you take the mission Stealing Independence at The National Archives you'll find Sydney. if you save her and complete Stealing Independence before return the Declaration of Independence to Abraham Washington in River City you can use her as a companion in every mission with Dogmeat and anyone else you want.thads 3 companions as long as you have enough stimpacks to heal her.

War.Inc said...

I´m playing with a gang of 7,Fawkes,Charon,Sidney,Red,Canijo and Albondigo(Dogmeat,and me,of course.

Check this link,is from a spanish forum,about some other games too,but check from screen 2 or 3,you will see my partners


You can use Sidney after Stealing Independence,as peter said,also you can use Red and Canijo(sorry spanish name) after rescue them for problems in Big Town.

The second time i went to Raven Rock,Fawkes joined us,i meet him and he asked for it.

I am using a mod for armoursso Charon,Red and Canijo can use them and carry a lot of extra weight

Billy said...

So I have 9 followers. This includes Jericho, Clover, Charon, Rl-3, Paladin Cross, Sidney, Red, Shorty, and Sticky. I have given them each Tesla Armor and Gatling Lasers. I can play the game on Very Hard and never die. If you want to learn how to do this... use youtube. Type in how to find 5 followers by JD. Sidney, Red, Shorty, and Sticky are all part time followers who I just dont bring them to where the want to go. Getting all 9 characters will take approximatley 3 hours if you have 4500 caps to start... have fun

slackr9527 said...

You can actually have 12:
Fawkes, dogmeat, Charon, star paladin cross, Jericho, butch, rl3, clover, Sydney, red shorty, sticky.
all under your control at once, as I do in my current game
first do the fire/rehire glitches to get clover, rl3 and another follower (I suggest jericho) eg. Fire jericho, talk to eulogy hire clover, rehire Jericho before clover talks to you.
Then do the rl3 glitch to get all your other permanent followers. This consists of (with any char indoors, for Fawkes just hire him then fire him again, he will go to underworld)
1) eg butch. Go to muddy rudder
2) tell rl3 to wait here.
3) talk to him and take the option "not just yet I wanted to talk to you about something" then fire him.
4) hire butch
5) without leaving the room wait for 8 days in game.
6) a message should appear saying "rl3 has returned to Canterbury commons
7) go to Canterbury commons and hire him! Repeat with any char, but note karma differences
now go to germantown police hq and collect shorty and red, big town and collect sticky, and sydney from quest shooting independence, although you have to heal them
hope this helps anyone. You can do this straight out of the vault, but you will have to repeat it when you go to raven rock (or fire all people before entering and rehire them afterwards)

Cindy Dy said...

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